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What is the mechanism of antimicrobial activity of Metronidazole?
Activation via bacterial pyruvate ferrodoxin oxidoreductase

Double-stranded breaks in bacterial DNA

What determines the selectivity of Metronidazole?
It needs to be reduced by pyruvate: ferredoxin oxxidoreductase.

So whatever bugs have this enzyme, will be KILLED by the drug
What is the absorption of metronidazole?
Where does the metabolism of Metrondiazole take place?
The liver via P450 enzymes (think side effects here to clue in to where the metabolism takes place)

The half life is 8 hr.
What component of the body does Metronidazole penetrate particularly well?
How is Metronidazole excreted?
What are the five adverse effects of Metronidazole?
GI irritation
Metallic taste
Disulfiram-like effect with alcohol
CNS effects
Drug interactions: can potentiate the anticoagulant effect of warfarin (P450)
What are the clinical uses of Metronidazole?
Anaerobic infections
Protozoal infections
H. pylori
Orally for C. difficile