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How can the output of a single control DC generator welding machine be changed?
By changing the brush positions.
When welding with reverse polarity how should you set up the ground?
from the negative pole to the work
What arrangement of current and polarity results in the greatest concentration of heat at the electrode side of the arc?
Direct current- reverse polarity
Which conditions can cause arc spatter?
Arc blow and poor welding technique
What factor determines the size of the welding cable to be used on a particular job?
The distance from the machine to the work.
When arc welding on a naval ship what could be the result?
electrolytical corrosion
When welding on a shaft chucked up in a lathe what should you do to prevent arcing across the piece?
Attach the ground directly to the piece
Using an electrode holder that is to small for arc welding could cause what?
The holder to overheat
Why should you use a coating on arc welding electrodes?
to improve the stability of the arc.
What is the first step in starting an arc by the striking method?
hold the electrode at a right angle to the work
if an electrode is classified as 7018 what does the 1 stand for?
welding position
When reatarting an electrode at which point of the crater should you strike the arc?
the cold end
Plates up to what thickness can be welded without edge prep?
1/4 inch
when making a butt weld in the flat position why would you use a backing strip?
to reinforce the weld
arc blow is generally caused by what?
electromagnetic forces