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What is the geography of Mesopotamia
Mesopotamia was a major invasion route between what two countries?
Asia and Africa
What is the geography of the Tigris and Euphrates River.
Wide and shallow
What are the four civilizations of mesopotamia
Sumerians Akkadian Babylonian Assyrian
What was used for construction of mesopotamia
Sun dried brick
What was the religion of Mesopotamia.
Who were the two most important gods.
Anu and Enlil
What was Anu's purpose
Sky god the enforcer
What was Enlil's purpose
the storm god
Everything has a spirit, whether it is animate or inanimate.
After death existence is limited in-------- a very dark place where people gradually fade away.
Mesopotamia was initially what type of democracy
primitive democracy
How many kings does mesopotamia have and what types
2, one military and one religous
How does military king gain political power
uses military needs
Hammurabi was a
skillful diplomat