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What were some of the rights Sumerian women had?
1. They could buy and sell property.
2. They could run business. 3. They could own and sell slaves.
Who was one of the most famous Sumerian priest-kings?
Gilgamesh of Uruk
What were some of the places a scribe might work?
The temple. The palace. The government. The army. Some worked for a merchant. Some had their own business as a writer.
What was the name given to the people who settled in southern Mesopotamia about 3500 B.C.?
What is the earliest know civilization?
Sumerian civilization
What rivers make up the twin rivers?
Tigres and Euphrates
What are levees?
Raised areas of soil near a river bank.
What was the chief crop of the Sumerians?
What was one of the great cities of Sumer?
Why did Sumerian city-states go to war with each other?
1. They fought over boundery lines
2. They fought to prove which city-state was stronger.
What was the center of Sumerian life?
The courts and the ziggurat.
How many gods did the Sumerians believe in?
Why did cuneiform develop?
To keep track of business deals.
Who is the oldest story in the world written about.
Who was the ruler of Akkad?
Sargon I
Who created the world's first empire?
Sargon I
For what reform is Hammurabi best known?
Code of law.
What did people call the reign of Hammurabi?
The Golden Age of Babylon
What happened to Sumer under Sargon I's rule?
He united the conquered city-states creating the world's first empire.
Who developed the earliest known civilization in the world?
How did Hammurabi unify the Babylonian Empire?
1. by setting up a single code of law
2. by raising the god of Babylon above all others
What did the people of Mesopotamia contribute to the field of mathematics?
They developed a number system based on 60.
Who lived in the houses of the upper class?
Priests and merchants
Who lived in the houses of the middle class?
Artisans, shopkeepers and government officials
Who lived in the houses of the lower class?
farmers, fishermen and unskilled workers.
What are some Mesopotamian contributions
1. written laws
2. Inventions include wheel, plow, sailboat
3. Number system based on 60
4. 12 month calendar
What city became an important trade center