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Between what two rivers is Mesopotamia located?
Tigris and Euphrates
Yearly flooding left what kind of rich soil?
True or False
Flooding of the rivers was unpredictable?
Did the Sumarians create the first City-States?
What is polytheism?
The belief in many gods
What was the Epic of Gigamesh?
An ancient poem
Who was the first empire buider?
Sargon of Akkad
Did Hammurabi believe in an eye for an eye a tooth for a tooth?
Yes, very much so
What was their view of the after-life?
bleak, grim
Was Mesopotamia in modern day France?
Was Mesopotamia located in modern day Iraq
Were the priests, and slaves at the top of the social class?
Did the Mesopotamians have any currency?
How did they exchange items?
They bartered
What key elements must a civilizatin have?
Advanced cities, Specialized workers, Complex institutins, Record keeping, Advanced technology.
What writing system did the Mesopotamians develop?
Was Babylon located in Mesopotamia?
What man-made structures did the Mesopotamians have to defend themselves?
Walls made of dried brick
Did the Mesopotamians ever trade with the ancient Egyptians?
Yes, according to artifacts found.
Did the Mesopotamians ever build irrigation systems? Why did they have to do so?
Yes. Because after the flood waters went down they still needed water for their crops.