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smart keys
OPTIONS menu. Define smart key macros
Client Information
SYSTEM menu. creates client folder
Calibrate Faders
SYSTEM menu. Calibrates faders and tells you which don't work
Keep Mix
MIX menu. saves most current mix/pass to disk
Load Mix
MIX menu. load's mix from disk
Reassign Channels
MIX menu, LOAD submenu. Moves automation from one channel to another
Coalesce Groups 1
MIX menu, LOAD submenu. Writes ALL group automation to ALL slaves
Delete Mix
MIX menu. Delete mixes you don't want. Can also remove clients, projects and titles
Trim Faders
MIX menu, Change amplitude of a fader without having to re-automate. Has numeric trim and nudge trim features
Merge Channel Data
MIX menu. Cut and paste automation from one mix/pass to another. Same point in time
Copy Channel Data
MIX menu, Copy automation from one mix/pass to another. CAN use different start/end times
Safety Nets/Safety Stops
OPTIONS menu. allows automation only between specific start/stop points,
Time Code Options
OPTIONS menu. Select the frame rate for the project
Automate Channel Buttons
OPTIONS menu. Decide which channel buttons can or can't be automated
LIST menu
Mute List, Channel Button List, Cut a/b List
Coalesce Groups 2
GANGS menu. Writes master automation to slaves. You can select group
Clear Selected Groups
GANGS menu. clears selected master/slaves
GANGS menu
Coalesce Groups 2, Clear Selected Groups, Clear Selected Links, Remove all Groups, Remove Links, Remove all groups and links.
Allows you to transfer mixes from one disk to another
System Manual