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what is the defn of developmental disabilities according to public law?
-any severe and chronic mental or physical disability of a person that is manifest before the individual reaches the age of 22 yrs
what does IDEA state?
-that all children with disabilities will be provided free appropriate education in least restricive environment until the age of 21
-transition planning starts at age 16
what is the defn of mental retardation?
-significant subaverage intellectual functioning on an individually administered IQ test (less than 70)
what is the prevalence of MR?
-1 to 3% of population
what are the five levels of MR?
-mild (IQ 50-70)
-moderate (35-50)
-severe (20-35)
-profound (IQ below 20)
what are some of the major prenatal causes of MR?
-chromosomal abnormalities (prader willi, fragile x)
-inborn errors of metabolism (phenyketonuria)
what are some of the major postnatal causes of MR?
-maternal smoking/drinking
-environmental contaminants (lead, mercury)
-intrauterine infections (herpes, syphilis)
what is the defn of autism?
-delays or abnormal fn in social interaction, social language communication, or imaginative play prior to age 3
describe criterion 1 for diagnosing autism
-social interaction
-impairment in the use of nonverbal behaviors
-failure to develop appropriate peer relationships
-lack of social or emotional reciprocity
describe criterion 2 for diagnosing autism
-social communication
-delay in or lack of spoken language
-impairement in ability to sustain or initiate conversation
-lack of varied or spontaneous make believe play
describe criterion 3 of diagnosing autism
-restricted, repetitive, stereotyped behavior/interests/activities
-adherence to nonfunctional routines
-repetitive motor mannerisms
aspergers disorder
-same as autism except for:
-no language delays
-no cognitive delays
-no significant adaptive impairment in self help skills
retts disorder
-normal development up until 5 months then:
-dec head growth
-loss of previously acquired hand skills
-loss of social engagement
-poor gait
-impaired expressive and receptive language
childhood disintegrative disorder
-normal development for 2 years
-loss of various previously acquired skills before age ten
when is it appropriate to use the diagnosis of pervasive developmental disorder NOS?
-when there are severe and pervasive impairments in the developmentof reciprocal social interaction or verbal and nonverbal communication
what are common treatment modalities for autistic disorders?
-psychosocial intervention