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covering up a real or perceived weakness by emphasizing a trait one considers more desirable
refusal to acknowledge the existence of a real situation and or the feelings associated with it
feelings are transfered from one target to another that is considered less threatening or neutral
an attempt to increase self-worth by acquiring certain attributes and characteristics of an individual one admires
an attempt to avoid expressing actual emotions associated with a stressful situation by using the intellectual process of logic, reasoning, and analysis
the beliefts and values of another individual are internalized and symbolically become a part of the self, to the extend that the feeling of separateness or distinctness is lost
the separation of a thought or a memory from the feeling tone or emotions associated with it (sometimes called emotional isolation)
attributing to another person feelings or impulses unaccecptable to oneself
attempting to make excuses or formulate logical reasons to justify unacceptable feelings or behaviors
Reaction Formation
preventing unacceptable or undesirable thoughts or behaviors from being expressed by exaggerating opposite thoughts or types of behaviors
a retreat to an earlier level of development and the comfort measures associated with that level of functioning
the rechanneling of personally and or socially unacceptable drives or impulses into activities that are more tolerable adn constructive
the voluntary blocking from one's awareness of unpleasant feelings and experiences
a mechanism used symbolically negate or cancel out a previous action or experience that one finds intolerable
what is mental health
the successful adaptation to stressors from the internal or external environment
Mental Illness
maladaptive responses to stressors from the internal or external environment
diffuse apprehension that's vague in nature and is associated with feelings of uncertainty and helplessness.
what are the 4 levels of anxiety
mild, moderate, severe, panic
which type of anxiety is seldom problamatic
mild anxiety
self actualization
the individual posses a feeling of fulfillment and the realization of their highest potential
self-esteem or others
individual seeks self-respect and respect from others, works to achieve success and recognition in work, and desires prestige from accomplishments
love and belonging
needs are for giving and receiving of affection, companionship, satisfactory, interpersonal relationships, and identification with a group
safety and security
needs at this level are for avoiding harm, maintaining comfort, order, structure, physical safety, freedom from fear and protection
physiological needs
basic fundamental needs included food, water, air, sleep, exercise, elimination, shelter, and sexual expression
restoration of the body to homeostasis following a physiological and or psychological response to stress
a failure of the body to return to homeostasis following a physiological and or psychological response to stress, disrupting the individuals integrity
general adaptation syndrome
What is GAS?
a term that identifies the general biological reaction of the body to stress
what is fight or flight syndrome?
a syndrome of physical symptoms that result from an individuals real or perceived perception the harm or danger is imminent
a serious psychiatric disorder in which there is a gross disorganization of the personality a marked disturbance in reality testing, and the impairment of the interpersonal functioning and relationship to the external world
one of 3 elements of the personality identified by Freud that represents the conscience and the culturally determined restrictions that are placed on an individual
the junction between 2 neurons. The small space between the axon terminal of one neuron and the cell body or dendrites of another is called the synaptic cleft
vague diffuse apprehension that is associated iwth feelings of uncertainty and helplessness
to attach oneself to a person or thing in an immature or neurotic fastion
a nercell, consists of a cell body, an axon, and dendrities