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shared way of life the combination of traditions and beliefs tha makes a group bond together
belief of a higher power
is a fixed notion or conviction about a group of people or a situation
one's more personal trait. language, country of origin, and skin color are parts of it
judging a person or situation before all the facts are known, it is a destructive behavior, it is hurtful and it shuts the door on the enrichment of the society
people believing that their particular ethnic group has rights and benefits over and above those of other
shared the way of lifethat consisted of experiementing with drugs, living together withourt benefit of marriage
extremley important to some patients and not to others, as nurses, we must be comfartable talking to patients about this
rich versus poor; which is better?
economic considerations
misuse of a person, substance, or situation
a learned behavior
method of methods of raising children, used by parents or other primary caregivers
experiencing more single parent families and smae sex parent families
american society
parent sets up strict rules, child had little of no voice in family decisions
authoritarian parent
firm consistent rules and limits, while allowing for discussion and occasional flexibility of those rules according to special circumstances
authoritative parent
provides little structure adn few guidelines
permissive parent
way one adapts to a stressor psychologically, physically, and behaviorally
those that are specifically identified to offer healthy choices to the patient
effective coping
mechanism is to reduce or eliminate anxiety
defense mechanism
usually the first defense learned and used
an unconsious buring or forgetting mechanism
painful events or situlation are seperated or dissocialted from the conscious mind
use of logical sounding excuse to cover up the true thoughts and feelings. the most frequently used defense mechanism
making up for something we percieve as an inadequacy by developing some other desirable trait
similar to compensation except the person usually develops the exact opposite trait
reaction formation
emotionally returing to an earlier time in life when there was far less stress
unacceptalbe treaits or characteristics are diverted into acceptable traits or charcteristics
blaming others a mental or verbal finger pointing at another for the problem
the kick the dog syndrome transferring agner and hostility to another person or object that is percieved to be less powerful
makes amends for a behavior one thinks is unacceptable. makes an attempt at reducing guilt
emotion that is separated from the original feeling
anxiety is channeled into physical symtoms
conversion reaction
unconsciously staying away from events or sitiuations that might open feeling or agression or anxiety
ability to think raionally and to process those those thoughts
therapeutic enviroment
medications as they are used and supplied for mental illness
acts on the CNS, their main action is to bloak the dopanime receptors, treats schizopherenia and other acute or chronic psychoitc behavior side effects are parkinsonism, akathisia, dystonia, and tardive dyskinesia
depresses activities of the cerebral cortex antianxiety drugs decrease the effects of stress or mild depression without causing sedation, stress axienty neurotic behavior side effects can cause physical dependance contraindications are people with a history of chemical dependency are not good candidatesfor this classification of drug because of the potential for addiction
antianxiety agents
helps stimulate the cns is someone is depressed
used medically to combat the sleep disorder narcolepsy and attention deficit disorder in children
is the form of therapy that originated from the theory of Sigmund Freud
an effective tool for unlocking the unconsious or for searching further into a tehcnique called past life regression
act of purging or purification
licensed and regulated differently not only state by state but sometimes municipality by municipality
obtaining assistance or counseling rom their church or spiritual leaders
pastoral or cultural couseling
can be outgoing or short term, depending on the needs of the patients or the type of disorder example AA
group therapy
last only a few minutes, generally given a sedative before the treatment amount of ecletirc energy used is individualized to the patient few side effects used when other therapies have not been helpful
eletroconvulsive therapy
effects of smilles, hugs and laughter
humor therapy
is a sudden, unexpected event in a person's life that drastically changes his or her routine
highly individual situation there are 5 phases
phases of crisis
nstaring to provide help and then changing your mind can be interpreted as
neglect or abanonment