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Age 0-4 weeks
1) Amp + 3rd Gen Ceph (Cefotaxime)
2) Amp + Aminoglycoside
Listeria(Ampicillin) and Grp B strep(3rd gen Ceph)
Age 1m-50years
Basilar skull fracture
Vancomycin + 3rd gen ceph (Cefotaxime, Ceftriaxone, Cefepime(4th gen))
PCN resistant strep(Vanco) + Grp B strep(3rd g ceph)
Age > 50
Vanco + Amp + 3rd gen Ceph
Head Trauma, CSH Shunt, Postsurgery
Vanco + Ceftazidime(3rd)
Vanco + Cefepime(4th)
Vanco + Meropenem
(trying to protect pt from pseudomonas)
Need these Cephs for Pseudomonas Coverage
No imipenem b/c of increased risks of seizures
Meningitis Prophylaxis-Everyone exposed to N. Meningitis or H.Fly should receive prophylaxis-regarless of vaccination status
1)Rifampin 600mg q12 X4 doses
2)Cipro 500mg po X 1dose
3)Ceftriaxone 125-250 mg IM X1dose
1)Rifampin 600 mg qd x 4doses
Shunt infections (usually caused by S.epidermis, S. Aureus or GNB (pseudomonas due to surgery)
Vanco + Rifampin + Gentamicin (pseudomonas)
Brain Abcesses (rare) caused by G+ aerobes and anaerobes: Strep viridians, peptostrepto
Beta-hemolytic strep, and bacteroides
Surgery + Cefotaxime + Metronidazole(Clinda, PenG or Chloramphenicol)
Duration 6-8 wks