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Name 3 layers of meninges
pia mater, dura mater, archnoid
Pia Mater
thin membrane covering brain and spinal cord, follows major surface contours, dips into sulci and other depressions, contains small capillaries
spider web like appearance, slightly thicker then pia mater, does not follow contours, bridges over major depressions
Subarachnoid space
space between arachnoid and pia mater, contains CSF, reaches its greatest volume near major fissures and depressions, forming cisterns.
What connects pia mater and arachnoid layer?
arachnoid trabeculae - thin threads of connective tissue
Dura Mater
thickest out of meninges, inelastic connective tissue
Subdural space
space between arachnoid and dura mater, small since arachnoid follows dura mater closely
Name 2 layers of dura mater
1. periosteal layer - outer layer, adheres closely to the bone
2. meningeal layer - inner layer
Normally layers are fused, but at some sites separate to form sinuses (ex. superior saggital sinus) - CSF and blood drain
Dural reflections
at the space where layers separate , meningeal layers fold inward and fuse, function - restricting movement of the brain within the cranium, prevent largest brain structures from impacting each other with blows to the head
Falx cerebri
major dural reflection, sickle shaped, divides cortex in hemispheres, continuous with tentorium cerebelli
Tentorium cerebelli
forms a tent over cerebellum and brainstem, ensures that blows to the head do not drive cortex into cerebellum and brainstem
Which layer contains only meningeal and not periosteal layers
Dura mater of spinal cord
Denticulate ligaments
additional support structure in spinal cord, connects pia mater, arachnoid and dura mater
Epidural space
space above dura mater in spinal cord, insulates spinal cord
What is choroid plexus?
choroid plexus produces CSF, located within lateral,3d and 4th ventricles