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Who was Gregor Mendel?
Studied traits that occur in distinct forms
Developed true-breeding varities.
What is Fertilzation?
Fusion of Egg and Sperm
What is Self-Fertilzation?
fusion of sperm and egg from same plant.
What is Cross-Fertilzation?
fusion of egg and sperm from two different plants
What are Genes?
The herediatary information that determines a single trait.
What are Alleles?
Alternate forms of a gene.
What is a Dominate Allele?
Allel that is expressed whenever it is present
What is a Ressesive Allele?
An Allel that is masked whenever the dominate allel is present.
What is Genotype?
Gentic makeup of an individual.
What is Phenotype?
Physical appearence of a trait.
What is a testcross?
Crossing an organism with unknown genotype with one that is homozygous recessive for the trait.
What are testcrosses used for?
It's used to determine the geneotype of an individual
Medel's Law of Segregation
A parent contributes only one of its allels for a trait to each.
Medel's Law of Independent Assortment
Allels of one gene are passed to offspring independently of the alleles of other genes.
What is a Dihybrid cross?
A fertilzation in which the parents differ in two distinct traits or characteristics.
What is Lethality?
A condition in which the inheritance of a leathal combination of alleles results in death of the organism.
Who is Lucien Cuenot?
Studied inheritance of coat color in mice.
What is Pleiotrophy?
A single gene affects two or more traits.
What is Polygenic?
A trait affected by many genes.
(EX:Height,Weight,Skin Color)
What is Monogenic?
Traits determined by single gene with two alleles.
(EX:Flower color)
What is Epistasis?
When one Gene masks the expression of a second gene.