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Definition of Meiosis
Just like mitosis except of resulting in two daughter cells it results in four.
Prophase 1
The chromatin coils up to form chromosomes, a spindle is formed, and the nucleoli and nuclear envolope disappear.
Metaphase 1
This crossing over turns out to have profound consequences for the process of heredity.
Anaphase 1
two chromatids making up each chromosome do not seperate, instead the chromosomes comprising a homologus pair become pulled to opposite ends of the cell.
1.Telophase 1
the formation of nuclear envelopes, and an intermediate phase called interkinesis in which the chromosomes uncoil completely.
Prophase 2
if the chromosomes have uncoiled, they coil back up in this phaseand the nuclearenvelope disintegrates again.
Metaphase 2
the chromosomes attach to the spindle tubules and line up in the center of the cell.
Anaphase 2
in which two chromatids of each chromosome are pulled apart by the spindle tubules.
Telophase 2
the spindle dissolves, the nucleoli and the nuclear envelopes are formed and four seperate daughter cells result.