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Why have meetings?
*Different perspectives
*Makes implementation easier
*Creates trust
*Sense of community
*Way to change people's minds
Best way to commnicate
What you say depends on what others say
What's wrong with meetings?
*No reason to meet
*Poor meeting process
*Lack of standards
*Lack of information
*Poor preparation
*Better way to do things
Secret to sucess
Knowing that meeting Process determines outcome
Leader controlled meetings
*Easier for leader
*Much info in short time
* Few surprises
*No free flow information
*Sensitive issues do not emerge
*All people aren't heard
*Leader is the show
Group centered meetings
*More difficult for leader
*More interaction and emotions
*See other's viewpoints
*Better decisions
*People feel better when they talk
*More time is needed
*Discussion must be controlled
*meaningful expchange managed
*Leader runs the show`
Competent leader
*Cut through chaos to find issues that matter
*Get ppl to deliberate issues
*Lead decision making on issues.
Meeting time cost
*hourly pay or % of salary / # of work days per year
*mult. ans by length of meeting
*add preparation costs
*Total=meeting costs
Well-exicuted meetings
*Produce better results in shorter time frames
*Are most cost effective
*Must be connercted with the bottom line
*Keep track of meeting action
*Capture ideas
*Write only when and what the leader says to write
*Capture words expressed
*Check with the facilitator for accuracy
*Ask for help if note keeping is slowing down the meeting