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What is Morphine sulfate?
A narcotic
What is the purpose of morphine sulfate?
What is the trade name for meperidine?
What is the purpose of demerol
Enhancement of post operative pain relief
What is Sublimaze?
What is the purpose of sublimaze?
Enhancement of Post Operative pain relief
What are the nursing interventions for MS04?
Use extreme caution in patients with MAO inhibitors
Instruct Family not to administer PCA doses to the sleeping patient
Caution patient to call for assistance while ambulating
Advise patient to change positions slowly
What are the nursing interventions for Demerol?
Do not increase dose without consulting MD
May cause drowsiness or dizziness
Assistance while ambulating
Avoid concurrent use of ETOH
Encourage TCDB every 2 hours to prevent atelectasis
What are nursing interventions for Fentanyl?
Explain pain assessment scale
May cause dizziness
Instruct PT to avoid ETOH for 24 hours after administration for outpatient surgery