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Name 3 anticholingeric drugs:
Glycopyrrolate (Robinul)
Scopolamine (Also used for seasickness)
Think AGainst Spit
What are some nursing considerations for anticholinergic drugs?
Do not give to glaucoma patients. Cause urinary hesitancy, dry mouth. Do not give to pts with BPH
Narcan must be on hand when?
DUring epidural
What are side effects of Narcan?
Seizures or Ventricular fibrillation
What is a stool softener?
Docusate (COLACE)
Name 5 antianxiety drugs
What's another term for antianxiety?
What's the generic name for Valium?
Diazepam (Think 8 - 7 - 15 forward)
What's the trade name for diazepam?
Valium (Think 8 - 8 - 15 backward)
The number for valium and diazepam is
8 - 8 - 15
Ativan is what kind of drug?
Anti anxiety
What's the generic name for ativan?
What's the number for Ativan and lorazepam?
11 - 21 - 9
That's the generic name for Xanax?
What's the trade name for alprazolam?
What's the number for Xanax and Alprazolam
3 - 11 - 2
What's the trade name for hydroxyzine?
Vistaril is what kind of drug?
Antianxiety (anxiolytic)
What are nursing interventions for antianxiety drugs?
Cause drowsiness; avoid alcohol and activities that require alertness. May be habit forming. Limit use
Memory aid for remembering hydroxyzine and Vistaril
When I have visitors I serve Hydrox cookies
Name 4 drugs that are antiemetics?
Compazine, Phenergan, Tigan, Reglan

Memory aid: Can't Puke if Taken Regularly
The two drugs that end in zine are what kind of drugs?
The two drugs that end in ide are what kind of drugs?
Anti emetics
The three drugs that end in arbital are what kind of drugs?
Sedative hypnotics
The drugs that end in AM are either what or what?
Sedative Hypnotics or Antianxiety drugs