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Theophylline is what?
Methylxanthine bronchodilator
Chromolyn sodium is what?
Stabilizes mast cells to prevent asthma
Guaifenesin is what?
Zafirlukast is what?
Leukotriene inhibitor
Codeine is what?
Another name for Albuterol is what?
Another name for Cromolyn sodium is what?
Another name for Guaifenesin is what?
Another name for Zafirlukast is ??
What does a 48 pack year history mean?
2 packs a day for 24 years
If someone has emphysema, how will their lungs sound?
If someone's O2 saturation is 86 percent what should you do?
Call MD for an order for O2
What do you always do after a bronchoscopy?
Check for gag reflex before eating or drinking
If someone is newly diagnosed with asthma, what do you tell them?
Your airways are inflamed and spastic
What medication can reduce SOB in a crisis?
IV morphine
If you note vigorous bubbling in the water seal chamber, what do you do?
Examine system and tubing for leaks
What's the best way to monitor effectiveness of therapy with a chest drainage system?
Ausculate lung sounds