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The normal RBC range is
4.5 to 5.5 million mm3
THe normal platelet range is
150-300 K
200 to 400 K (Mrs. C)
THe normal WBC count is
5k to 10k mm3
Bown marrow aspiration is a diagnostic tool used for what?
To study formation of blood and diagnose hematological disorders
Vit B12 treats:
pernicious anemia
Many immature wbc indicates:
In order to avoid circulatory overload, children and the elderly are transfused with ?
Packed RBC
The first thing a nurse should do if a transfusion reaction occurs is:
Stop IV Call MD Run NSS
Hematuria is what?
Blood in the urine
Hematuria after a transfusion is due to???
Hemalytic reaction
Aggravation of symptoms is:
Lessening of symptoms is:
If a child lacks iron in his diet what may occur:
Iron deficiency anemia
What is leukopenia
Abnormal decrease in WBC, below 5000/mm3 - makes a person prone to infection
What must a nurse observe for with a pt with leukemia?
anemia, fever, bleeding