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Cancer of the lymph system is
Abnormalities in what can cause lymphoma?
B and T cells
What is enlargement of the spleen?
Symptoms of Hodgkins
Painless lump, low grade fevers, weight loss
What do you monitor for a patient with lymphoma?
Hemoglobin and hematocrit
What places a person with a splenectomy at risk for respiratory complications?
An incision near the diapharam
What is OPSI
Overwhelming post splenectomy infection
A post splenectomy patient should recieve what?
instructions to get vaccines against infection
Stage 2 Hodgkins disease is what?
Localized involvement of more than two adjacent or nonadjacent regions on one side of the diaphram
Hodgkin's lymphoma victims are younger or older than non hodgkins?
Hodgkin's lymphoma victims are likely to have what?
Fever and night sweats
What does the absence of Reed Sternberg cells mean?
Non hodgkin's lymphoma
Epstein Barr and Herpes may play a role in what?
Development of non hodgkin's lymphoma
Early symptoms of OPSI
Fever and malaise
Where does HD usually begin?
cervical lymph nodes of neck