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What is hemolysis?
Destruction of red blood cells
What is pancytopenia
Reduced numbers of all blood cells
What are two symptoms in the skin of abnormal bleeding?
Ecchymosis and Petechiae
WHat results from accelerated clotting throughout the circulation?
DIC (Disseminated Intravascular coagulation)
Leukemia literally means what?
White blood
What are some of the trademarks of sickle cell?
brain hemorrhage, biind heart failure, dilute urine priapasm, stasis ulcers, hand and foot syndrome, pneumonia hepatomegaly, gall stones
Pt has a hemoglobin of 6 g/dl. Why do they feel SOB?
Not enough hemoglobin to carry oxygen to tissues
In an African American, where do you assess for pallor?
What's an early sign of anemia?
A sickle cell crisis can be caused by ?
Exposure to cold, wet, and exercise exertion.
If a patient feels they are bleeding into the joint, what can you expect?
THe Doctor will order factor VIII
Someone with multiple myelomas is at risk for ??
Pathological fractures
If a person has hypercalcemia, what can help?
3 - 4 liters of fluid a day
What dietary items are needed for RBC production?
An inflamed tongue (Glossitis) is a symptom of what?
Iron deficiency