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_______blue-black discoloration from hemmorrhage under the skin
What is a blue black discoloration from hemorrhage under the skin?
What is swelling from blockage of lymph circulation?
What are polkadot hemorrhages?
Petechiae (Think Petit for little)
What is caused by hemorrhages into the skin, mucous membranes, or internal organs?
What is a lack of platelets called?
What destroys pathogens in the lymph from the extremeties before it is returned to the blood?
Lymph nodes
What do lymph capillaries do?
Collect tissue fluid from intercellular spaces
What do lymph valves do?
Prevent backflow of lymph in larger lymph vessels
What do lymph nodules do?
Destroy pathogens that penetrate mucous membranes
What does the thoracic duct do?
Empties lymph from the lower body and upper left quadrant into the left subclavian vein
What does albumin do?
Pulls tissue fluid into capillaries to maintain blood volume
What prevents digestion of B12?
Intrinsic factor
What do basophils contain?
Heparin and histamine
What is true of a stem cell?
May become any kind of cell
Fragments of what becomes platelets