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completed by 2000 bc
the purpose is unknown; religious? time?
celtic people known as Britons who built stonehenge
picts and celts
roman occupation
400 year influence
the reason for english having latin in it
julius caesar
commentaries discuss the tribes of Briton
Emperor of roman territories
built wall around the entire territory
marked the northern limit of Roman occupation
walled cities
walls kept the cities protected from invading Vikings
importance of the city of Bath
roman baths
bath shows roman influence on area
king arthur
6th century
kings=small rulers of local areas (not whole countries)
saint patrick
"drove all the snakes from ireland"
slave brought from ireland who ran away back to ireland as christian missionary
1. made ireland the center of christianity
2. book of kells was written and remains at trinity college today
king edwin
7th century edinburgh
written about in Bede's ecclestial history
Caedon=first english poem/poet
king that defeated the danes
made education available to the masses
9th century
1st king of all england
edward the confessor
restored to throne in 1042
founded west minister abbey
ruler in normady, france
william of normady
also connected to bringing french to the area
relative (brother?) of harold
came to take over the danes
he took the crown from harold and they held the battle of hastings to determine rightful king=William
becomes William the conqueror
Lady Godiva
wife of prince Leofric
she road naked in village in order to make her husband lower the people's taxes
while riding "tom" peeps
1st english poet
source- stories of vikings and danes of england (alfred)
type-epic poem
story told as long poem about a hero with super human strength
conversion of king edward author
saint bede
introduced the dating system
a missionary sent by pope
use of the sign of the laying of the hands= transfer of god's spirit through human hands into another
how was king edwin converted? what did he recieve for converting?
because his wife was christian; he recieved more earthly rewards=land
importance of story of caedom
because he was the first english poet
profession of caedom
shepherd/lay person
cattle shed=stable=jesus' birth
what is caedom told to do?
become a monk and turn scripture into song and become literate
where is wife's lament found?
in exeter book: collections written in old english
what is beowulf's theme
about fate controlling destiny of a person
where is the woman's lover
on a ship away from the tribe
who plots against the woman and where does she live?
the man's kinsmen; she lives in an oak tree hovel
how one becomes immortal
anglo-saxons don't believe in heaven or hell. must do great things to become immortal
how beowulf and etc. escapes grendel
run away
adjective phrases
hrotgar's bff
king of the danes
hrothgar's wife/queen of danes
beowulf's father
the sword that beowulf borrowed to fight grendel
one knight who stays to help beowulf in his fight against dragon
beowulf's trusty sword that breaks in his fight against the dragon
where does grendel put his victims?
in a pouch
second creation story
the story of the race of giants in the book of genesis
why mama goes to herot
to avenge her son she terrorizes in the court killing and eating the men again
why is the dragon angry
the dragon is angry because a runaway slave stole the golden cup from his treasure to take to his master. beowulf kills him and splits him in half w/ dagger