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why were castles important for survival of a fief
they needed to withstand attack so had to be strong
whats the difference between feudal relationships and manorial relationshipos
feudal- political relationships
manorial- economic relationships
why were manors self reliant
trade was almost impossible so the manor had to produce everything its inhabitants needed
what were Benedict's rule for his monastery
no extravagant lifestyle, lived very simply
effects of the crusades
got back trade and cities, middle class grew, king had power, money system, university concept
who were the 2 opposing forces in the crusade
seljuk turks, christians
final outcome of the crusades
muslims conquiered all the christian territories
what did scholasticism emphasize
reason and faith
2 scholastic thinksers
peter abelard and thomas aquinas
babylonian captivity
long period of exile of the popes at avignon
what was the great schism
the contraversy when the church faced the problem of having 3 popes
how did the great schism affect the pope's authority
the pope had the utmost authority and if there were 3 not one had all the power
why did people want a church reform
they were tired of paying money for everthing