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discontinuation of a treatment after it is commenced and before it is complete
pathological wearing away of dental hard tissue by friction
abrasive agent
a substance used to remove stains and polish natural teeth, prosthetic appliances and castings
abscess, periapical
a localized area of pus formed in the apex of the root tip
abscess, periodontal
a localized area of pus formed in the periodontal tissue
a tooth, root, or prosthetic used for retention of a prosthesis; retainer
acid attack
the action of acid from plaque upon the enamel
acid etch technique
a bonding technique in which tooth structure is etched to create the rough surface necessary for mechanical and micromechanical bonding
acquired pellicle
a colorless film conposed of complex sugar-protein molecules. It forms normally on the teeth within minutes of cleaning
an organic resin from which various types of dental restroations, prostheses, and appliances are constructed
active life
the length of time that a solutino or material will remain effective after it has been put into use
age fog
fogging on outdated radiographic film
ultimate strength
max. stress that a material sustains before it fractures
ultrasonic scaling
the use of an ultrasonic scaler to remove mineralized deposits from the tooth surfaces
the portion of a tooth that lies between the height of contour and the gingiva. Also, recessed areas in the surface of the cast
each single component of the fixed bridge; a segment of scheduled time; a piece of dental equipment
universal numbering system
identification of the teeth; the permanent teeth are number 1-32; primary teeth are lettered A to T
universal precautions
a set of precautions designed to prevent transmission of HIV, hepatitis B, and other blood borne pathogens in a healthcare setting
resin surface coating formed by evaporation of a solvent
a substance that causes blood vessels to narrow and stimulates the heart
a substance that causes blood vessels to expand
a layer of tooth-colored material that is bonded or cemented to the prepared tooth surface
refers to the front of belly side of the body
vertical angulation
in radiography, the angle made between the x-ray beam anda line parallel to the floor
vertical dimension
a measurement of the face at the midline with the teeth in occlusion. Also, the space provided by the height of the teeth in normal occlusion
in radiography, an acronym standing for "as low as reasonably achievable"
a substance consisting of two or more metals
alternative benefit
contract provision that authorizes the third party to determine the amount of benefits payble, giving consideration to professionally accepptable alternative procedures that may be performed to accomplish the desired result
alveolar bone
that part of the alveolar process that lines the bony sockets into which the roots of the teeth are embedded
alveolar crest
the highest point of the alveolar process
alveolar mucosa
the mucous membrane that covers the alveolar process and continues to form the lining of the cheeks and the floor of the mouth
alveolar process
the extension of the maxilla and mandible that surrounds and supports the teeth to form the dental arches; alveolar ridge
alveolar ridge
alveolar process
alveolar ridge; residual
the bony ridge remaining after the teeth have been extracted
alveolar socket
the cavity within the alveolar process in which the rooth of the tooth is held in position
inflammation and infection associated with a disturbance of the blood clot after tooth extraction; dry socket or osteitis
surgical reduction and reshaping of the alveolar ridge
the tissues of the mandibular and maxillary mucobuccal folds
the relative capacity of a pathogen to overcome body defenses
the property of a liquid that causes it NOT to flow easily
washed field technique
use of a water spray from the dental handpiece as a coolant to protect the tooth from injury due to overheating
waste, infectious
contaminated sharps, teeth, pathological waste, and blood-soaked items
waste, regulated
liquid or semiliquid blood or other potentially infectious materials; items that would release blood or other potentially infectious materials if compressed
in radiography, the distance from the crest of one wave to the crest of the next wave, the energy produced is determined by the length of the wave, with shorter wavelengths producing higher energies
wax, beading
soft, pliable wax in a ropelike shape used to modify impression trays
wax, boxing
utility wax strips used to form matrix around impressions before pouring
workers; compensation
a playroll tax that the employer is required to pay to cover the cost of insurance in case an employee is injured on the job
working cast
cast created from the secondary impression used in the contruction of the baseplates, bite rims, wax setups, and finished prostheses
yield strength
the max, stress that a structure or material can withstand without being premanently deformed
young's frame
a U shaped metal or plastic frame used to hold dental dam in place