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sinoatrial node
(SA node)
the pacemaker;
neurological tissue embedded in right atrium;
initiate electrical conduction of heartbeat;
cause atria to contract and fire impulse to AV node
atrioventricular node
(AV node)
neurological tissue in center of heart that receives and amplifies the conduction of impulses from SA node to bundle of His
bundle of His
neurological fibers, extending from AV node to right and left bundle branches, that fire impulse from AV node to Purkinje fibers
Purkinje fibers
fibers in ventricles that transmit impulses to right and left ventricles, causing them to contract
resting; resting state of myocardial cell
change of myocardial cell from polarized state to state of contraction
recharging of myocardial cell from contraction state back to resting state
normal sinus rhythm
regular rhythm of heart cycle stimulated by SA node