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the 2 layers of the skin; epidermis and dermis
what are the 3 cells of the epidermis?; epitheail cells, melanocytes, keratnocytes
what is found in the dermis; hair follicles, blood vessels, nerves, and glands..consists of fivroblasts, macrophages, and plasma cells
sucutaneous tissue; connects the dermis to inner structures and provides insulation.
what kind of cells are in a hair shaft?; keratinized cells
what kind of cells are in the nail and cuticle?; keratinized epithelial cells
cry/o; cold
leuk/o; white
papill/o; nipple-like
xer/o; dry
-ism; process
-ium, -um; structure
-sis; state of, or condition
albin/o; white
adip/o; fat
cutane/o; skin
cyan/o; blue
diaphor/e; profuse sweating
epitheli/o; covering
erythemat/o; red
erythr/o; red
hidr/o; sweat
kerat/o, keratin/o; hard hornlike
melan/o; black
myc/o; fungus
necr/o; death
onych/o; nail
py/o; pus
ras/o; scrape
rhytid/o; wrinkle
seb/o; sebum
steat/o; fat
ungu/o; nail
-dermis, derma; skin
-oma; tumor, mass
hem/o; blood
angio; vessel
-therapy; treatment
bx; biopsy
SC; subcutaneous
subq; subcutaneous
subcut; subcutaneous
UV; ultraviolet