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Who carries out Ultrasound Scans
the Radiographers. The dept is usally next to or part of x-ray dept
What is Nuclear Medicine
Investigations carried out using radioactive isotopes are performed in nuclear medicine, common ones are DMSA, DTPA Scans, bone scans and thyroid scans
What do CAT / CT Scans do
Produce an image of tissue density in a complete cross section of the body being scanned
What is a MRI Scan
Magnetic Resonance Imaging uses powerful magnets to produce details pictures of the body. Used in investigation of CNS in patients with cancer.
What is CXR
Chest X_Ray
What is a Mammogram
X-ray examination of breast tissue
What is a Pelvimetry
X-ray of the pelvis (in late pregnancy)
What is Orthopantomograms
X-ray of teeth
What is a Radiculogram
X-ray of the nerves in the spine
What is a Barium Swallow
Detects abnormality in the oesophogus - requires a dye to be used
What is a Barium Meal
Examines the stomach and small intestines - requires a dye to be used
What is a Barium Enema
Show ups abnormality in the colon - requires a dye to be used
what is a Intravenous Pyelogram IVP
Highlights the urinary tract - requires a dye to be used
What is a Intravenous Urogram IVU
Highlights the bladder - requires a dye to be used