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What does the Integumentary consist of?
The hair,hair follicles nails, skin, sensory, oil & sweat glands.
Integumentary contains the largest organ called?
Outermost layer of skin is called?
prefix=epi=upon,on & over
WR-derm=means skin
Deep layer of the skin is?
The dermis is composed of what tissue?
Connective tissue & rich in protein collagen.
The epidermis is composed of what tissue?
Epithelial filled with the protein keratin.
The integumentary main function is to ______ from invasion of microrganisms,ultraviolet and temp. regulation?
Upper layers of the epidermis filled with what waterproofing protein?
Connective tissue of the dermis is filled with what 2 proteins?
Collagen & Elastin
A brown pigment protein that is produced from specialized cells that give skin color?
Integumentary comes from a latin word tegere which means?
To cover.
What does the skin protect our body against?
1. Loss of body fluids.
2. Injury & Ultraviolet light
3. Invasion of Microrganisms
What ways does the skin & sweat glands help our body?
1. Regulate body Temp.
2. Sweat glands help in temp. control.
The root is sheathed by a downward extension of the epidermis, know as the hair ________?
Sebeceous glands secrete an oily fluid called? Increased amounts can cause a local infection?
These receptors are located within the dermis which respond to stimuli including heat,cold,pressure,touch and pain?
Sensory Recepters
This is a mixture of lipids,salts,water and cholesterol?
Glands in the dermis that secrete sweat onto to the skin (water,salt,urea)& helps cool off body?
Sweat glands.
Pale area at the proximal end of the nail & means moon?
The medical field that specializes in health & disease of the integumentary system is known as?
The part of the hair located above the the skin surface?
Hair shaft