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What is the NAVMED form number that is matched up with the Medical Outpatient and Dental Treatment Record?
NAVMED 6150/21-30
Where will you find information on Guidelines for record management?
Chapter 16 of the Manual of the Medical Department (MANMED P-117)
What are used for the documentation of outpatient medical and
dental care?
Primary medical records
What is established by a patient’s specialty healthcare provider and contains medical information
needed by that provider for a specific need?
Secondary medical record
How many major categories of primary medical records are they?
What is a file of continuous care that documents ambulatory treatment received by a person other than an active duty person, i.e. retiree and family members?
Outpatient Records (ORECs)
What is a medical file that documents
care provided to a patient assigned to a
designated inpatient bed at an MTF or ship?
Inpatient Records (IRECs)
What kind of record primarily documents ambulatory (outpatient) care, copies of inpatient narrative summaries and operative reports?
Heath Records (HRECs)
What are the exception to the rule of ancillary records not being opening or maintained for active duty personnel?
Obstetrics/gynecology (OB/GYN), family advocacy, psychology and psychiatry clinical records
What form is used to write a note for a secondary to be open?
DD Form 2766, Adult Preventive and
Chronic Care Flow Sheet in the primary
treatment record.
What are three forms are the minimum requirements for a temporary record?
• Privacy Act Statement, DD 2005
• Dental Health Questionnaire, NAVMED
• Dental Treatment Form, EZ603A