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Define bacterial tracheitis?
one of four types of croup infection of the mucosa of the upper trachea...has distinct entity with features of both croup and epiglottis
What age group does the disease occur in?
children 1 month to 6 years of age
Bacterial tracheitis is a serious enough respiratory disease to cause?
What is the most frequent cause of LTB?
Staphylococcus aureus

also group A B-hemolytic streptococci and H. influenzae have been implicated
Even though the manifestations of bacterial tracheitis are similar to those of LTB, it is unresponsive to LTB?
What does a child with bacterial tracheitis have a history of?
croupy cough (humidify air)
stridor unaffected by
high fever (give antipyretic)
thick, purulent tracheal
secretions leading to
respiratory difficulties
(frequent tracheal suction
is indicated to get
drainage out)
Bacterial tracheitis requires what kind of treatment and management?
VIGOROUS...with humidified
oxygen, antipyretics, antibiotics
What do most children need to prevent airway obstruction?
endotracheal intubation
and frequent tracheal suctioning
Tracheitis is believe to be a complication of?