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What is aspiration pneumonia?
occurs when food, secretions, inert materials, volatile compounds, or liquids enter the lung and cause inflammation and a chemical pneumonitis
Aspiration of fluid or foods is a particular hazard in the child who has difficulty with swallowing or is unable to swallow because of what conditions?
weakness debility
congenital anomalies
absent cough reflex
force-fed child, esp. while
crying or breathing
Care of the child with aspiration pneumonia is the same as that described for the child with?

preventing aspiration
pneumonia from other causes...however what should be nurses main focus?
What type of drops and preparations are not appropriate for infants and small children?
oily nose drops
oil-based vitamin
Children are attracted to sweet smells, so keep the following away from them?
lighter fluid
other hydrocarbon substances

(avoid use of talcum powder)
What side should infants and debilitated children be positioned in after feedings to minimize possibility of aspirating vomitus or regurgitated feeding?