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N gonorrhoea and N meningitidis Similarities
*Gram Neg Diplococci
*Pili (allows attachment)
*Aerobic - Need O2
Differences: N gonnorrhoea
*isolated in urethra, Cervix, rectum, pharynx
*Killed rapidly in blood
*No capsule
Differences: N meningitidis
*Isolated from Nasopharynx, CFS and Blood
*Normal Flora
*Transmitted via respiratory droplets
*Multiples rapidly in blood
*Not as Fastidious as Gonnorrhoea
Diseases caused by N gonnorrhoea
*Pelvic inflammatory disease
Infections caused by Moraxella catarrhalis
*otitis media
* Pneumonia/bronchitis (elderly)
Treatment for N. gonnorrhoea
Treatment for N meningitidis
*Penicillin, chloramphenicol or cephalosporins

*Refampin for profolcative prevention