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symbol for medicine; made up of a staff with two snakes coiled around it
morbidity rate
number of sick persons or cases of a disease within a certain population
mortality rate
death rate; number of deaths in a certain population
Certified Medical Assistant
a multi-skilled allied health care professional who has successfully completed the CMA examination and works under the direct supervision of a physician
person who represents or acts on behalf of another person
principles and guides for moral behavior
legally binding
form of contract that must be honored by law
the act of taking away or recalling; for instance, revoking a physician's license to practice medicine
laws and regulations enacted by a legislature
a court order for a person (or documents) to appear in court
to desert or leave a person; for example, when a physician discontinues treatment of a patient without providing coverage or sufficient notice of withdrawal
breach of contract
failure to comply with all the terms of a valid contract
civil case
a court case between private parties or institutions, not involving a crime
to give permission, approve, or allow; may be written, verbal, informed, or implied
informed consent
patient's consent to undergo treatment based on the knowledge and understanding of the potential benefits and risks of treatment, provided by physician before procedure is performed
implied consent
inference by signs, inaction, or silence that consent has been granted
agreement between two or more parties which creates an obligation to perform (or not perform) some action or service
compensation for a loss or injury
written statement of oral testimony that is made before an officer of the court
emancipated minor
person between the ages of 15-18 who is:
1. free of parental care
2. financially responsible for himself
3. married
4. in the military
a serious crime punishable by imprisonment or death
guardian ad litem
court-appointed guardian to represent a minor or unborn child
responsible under the law to provide compensation to another person because a wrong has occurred
false written statements about another person
lawsuit tried in court
professional negligence
person under 18 years of age
failure to perform some action
injury or harm caused by the performance of an act that a responsible and prudent physician would not have done or by the failure to perform some act that a responsible and prudent physician would have done
public duty
physician's responsibility to provide birth and death certificates and to report cases of communicable disease and abuse
res ipsa loquitur
"the thing speaks for itself"; a doctrine of negligence law
respondeat superior
"let the master answer"; the physician/employer is responsible for the actions of an employee
false and malicious spoken words about another person
standard of care
the ordinary skill and care that a physician must use which is commonly used by peers within the same community
statute of limitations
the maximum time period during which certain legal actions can be brought forward
subpoena duces tecum
court order requiring a witness to appear in court and bring certain records or other material
wrongful act committed against another person that causes harm