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Order issued by the President that becomes law without Congress approval?
Executive Order.
The division of power among the three branches of goverment that keeps any one branch from assuming to much power?
Checks and Balances.
Law established through common law and legal precedent.
Case law.
Body of unwritten law made in England, from judicial decisions based on tradion and customs?
Common Law.
Decisions made by judges in courts that become rule of law and apply to future cases, even though not enacted in by legislation?
Legal Precedents.
Law passed by the U.S. Congress or state legislatures?
Statutory Law.
Enabling statutes enacted to define powers and procedures when an agency is created?
Administrative Law.
A law that involves crimes against the state?
Criminal Law.
An offense punishable by death or by prison in a state or federal prison for more then 1 year?
A crime punishable by fine or by imprisonment in a place other that a prison for less than 1 year?
Tha complaining party in a lawsuit is called?
This is the government as the plaintiff in a criminal case?
The person against whom the charges/case are brought against in criminal/civil lawsuit?
This kind of law does not involve crimes, but involves wrongful acts against persons?
Civil Law
A civil wrong committed against a person/property, excluding breach of contract?