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the process of proving that the blank statement and the checkbook balace are in agreement
bank reconciliation
networks of banks that exchange checks with each other
the person presenting the check for payment
bank or facility from which the check is drawn or written
the person who wrote the check
electronic banking via computer modem or over the internet
person who signs his or her name on the bank of a check for the purpose of transferring payment to another person.
money paid out
any individual, corporation, or legal party who signs a check or any type of negotiable instrument
maker of a check
legally transferable to another party
person named on a draft or check as the recipient of the amount shown
person who writes a check in favor of the payee
legal statement in which a person authorizes another person to act on their behalf
power of attorney
capital sum of money due as a debt or used as a fund for which interest is either charged or paid
for a check to be negotiable it must contain?
written and signed by maker, promise or order to pay,payable on demand or fixed date, payable to order or bearer
cashier check
bank's own check and signed by the cashier .also known as officer's or treasurer's check
certified check
depositor's own check,where the bank stamp on the check stating that the person has the money to pay
traveler's check
check issued from the bank..signed twice..once at the bank and when the person uses them
voucher check
has a detachabler voucher form.this would be used for itemzing
ABA number
american bankers association, this identify the area where the bank on which the check written is located and the particular bank within the area
three different checking accounts
account for personal and family expenses, office expenses, high-yield interest -bearing account
sweep account
account in which excess funds over a minimum balace are
"swept" into a higher yielding interest-bearing investment account.
designated times
certain time when to pay bills. tickler files are used to keep track of bills
to maximize money
pay bill when they are due if no discount is given when paying early
types of endorsements
blank endorsement,restrictive endorsement, special endorsement
black endorsement
payee signs only his or her name
restrictive endorsement
specifies the purpose of the endorsement
special endorsement
includes words specifying the person to whom the endorser makes the check payable.
signature cards
card in the bank which has the signature of the account holder
postion-scheduling bonding
covers a specific position instead of individuals
blacket-postion bonding
covers all employees
personal bonding
covers specific individuals