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Maintain a patent...
airway and adequate ventilation.
Give antithyroid drugs as prescribed:
propylthiouracil (PTU, Propyl-Thyracil) 300 to 900 mg daily; methimazole (Tapazole), up to 60 mg daily
Administer sodium iodide solution,..
2 g IV daily as prescribed
Give propranolol (Inderal, Detensol), 1 to 3 mg IV as prescribed. Give slowly over 3 minutes; the client should be connected to a cardiac monitor,...
and a central venous pressure catheter should be in place.
Give glucocorticoids as prescribed:
hydrocortisone, 100 to 500 mg IV daily

prednisone, 4 to 60 mg IV daily; or

IM dexamethasone 2 mg every 6 hours
Monitor continually for...
cardiac dysrhythmias
Monitor vital signs every...
30 minutes
Provide comfort measures,...
including a cooling blanket.
Give nonsalicylate...
antipyretics as prescribed.
Correct dehydration with....
normal saline infusions.
Give aspirin...
or other antipyretic.
Apply cooling blanket or..
ice packs to reduce fever.
What are glucocorticoids?
produced by adrenal gland; influence metabolism of most body cells and help us to resist stressors

ex: cortisol(hydrocortisone)
What is cortisol?
prime metabolic effect is to provoke gluconeogenesis (formation of glucose from fats and proteins)

enhances epinephrine vasoconstrictive effects, rise in blood pressure, and circulatory efficiency that ensures these nutrients are quickly distributed through body

excessive levels of glucocorticoids (ex: cortisol) depresses cartilage and bone formation; depresses immune system; causes changes in cardiovascular, neural, and GI functin