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Why does patient spreading dosage of these over 8 hour intervals help?
helps maintain suppression of hormones
Concerning methimazole (Tapazole)

Why would nurse monitor VS, weigh client weekly, and observe for sore throat, fever, headache and skin eruptions while on this medication?
Because changes in these may indicate adverse reactions, which may necessitate d/c of these drugs.
Carbimazole (Neo-Mercazole)

Why instruct the patient to avoid crowds and sick people?
Because this drug reduces immune and inflammatory responses
Concerning the iodine product strong iodine (Lugol's solution

Why is it beneficial for nurse to give this medication with fruit juice or water?
improves taste
Concerning iodine product saturated solution of potassium iodide (SSKI)

Why would nurse observe for fever, rash, metallic taste, sore mouth, severe GI distress, and burning mouth and throat?
Because signs of iodism may necessitate d/c drug use
Concerning iodine products potassium iodide tablets, solution, and syrup

Why would the nurse instruct the client to take tablets after meals?
taking after meals enhances absorption
Concerning lithium carbonate
(Lithobid, carbolith, Lithizine)

1. Why should nurse observe for signs of hypothyroidism?

2. Why should the nurse instruct patient to drink 10-12 glassfuls of fluid per day while taking this medication?

3. Why would the nurse instruct client to maintain normal sodium intake while taking this medication?
1. Because signs of hypothyroidism may indicate drug-induced thyroid enlargement.

2. Extra fluid intake helps to prevent dehydration.

3. Because reduced sodium intake can cause retention of the drug
Concerning Dexamethasone

Why would the nurse instruct patient to avoid crowds and sick people while taking this medication?
because the drug reduces immune and inflammatory responses.
Concerning Propanolol (Inderal, Detensol)

Why is Propanolol used to treat hyperthyroidism?

1. Why would the nurse weigh the client daily and measure intake and output when taking this medication?

2. Why would the nurse instruct the client to take the drug with food?

3. Why would the nurse instruct the client to avoid smoking while taking this medication?

4. Why would the nurse monitor the client's pulse?
Because it manages thyrotoxicosis (goiter, hyperactive thyroid) and it prevents/manages MI)

1. Because increased weight and decreased output may indicate congestive heart failure.

2. Because taking the drug with food enhances absorption.

3. The drug's effect is reduced by smoking.

4. Because tachycardia is a sign of hyperthyroidism.