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3 vessels of the arch of the aorta, from right to left:
brachiocephalic, left subclavian, left common carotid
AKA for the brachiocephalic
2 branches of the brachiocephalic
Right subclavian, right common carotid
Where does the left subclavian go?
Bends under the clavicle
Where does the left common carotid go and what is its function?
1.Up the side of the neck into the head 2.Carries fresh blood into the brain
What is the artery in the upper arm?
brachial artery
What are the arteries in the lower arm?
Radial and ulnar arteries
Three divisions of the aorta:
Ascending aorta, descending aorta,
Portion of descending aorta in the chest
thoracic aorta
What branches off the thoracic aorta and what's its function?
3 bronchial arteries- supply lungs with fresh blood.
Portion of the descending aorta in the abdomen
abdominal aorta
the aorta splits into:
right iliac artery
left iliac artery
Where does the right iliac artery go?
to the femoral artery
What does the femoral artery split into?
tibeal and peroneal arteries
AKA for the peroneal artery
fibular artery
artery on the top of the foot near the inside of the ankle
dorsalis pedis
artery on the back of the knee
popliteal artery
What is blood made up of?
Formed elements and plasma
Named the formed elements in blood:
Erythrocytes, Leukocytes, Platelets
Explain erythrocytes
red blood cell- carry oxygen
Explain leukocytes
white blood cell- fight infection
AKA and explain platelets
aka thrombocytes, causes clotting, liquid portion of the blood.
If you remove the formed and clotting elements, you are left with:
What molecule in the RBC carries oxygen?
What are hem and globin?
Iron and protein
Ingrown toenail
condition in an infant in which the little finger twists toward the ring finger
Symdromes are:
permanent (generally)
What artery in the neck supplies fresh blood to the brain?
carotid artery
Vein in the neck that drains the head
The walls of veins or arteries are thinner? Why?
Veins. Arteries are under more pressure.
Three veins in the lower arm
basilic, cephalic, median cubital
Where is the basilic?
Ulnar side
Where is the cephalic?
Radial side
Where is the median cubital?
Runs across the inner elbow
system of veins in the chest region and its function
Azygos system- gets blood back to the heart if the venae cavae are obstructed
The big vein in the thigh
3 functions of blood:
1. Convey oxygen to the body tissues
2. Removal of wastes
3. Transport of hormones
How long to RBC's live?
about 120 days
Self destruction in red blood cells
Process of red blood cell formation or creation
Name of hemoglobin when it is carrying oxygen
Hemoglobin combined with carbon dioxide
Explain the entire process of the heart
stretching of veins and the pooling of blood
varicose veins
types of whtie blood cells
lymphocytes, basophils, neutrophils, eusinophils, monoytes
types of lymphocytes
t-cells, b-cells, natural killer cells
What colors are the white blood cells stained?
b- blue
n- pink
e - red
another type of neutrophil and its definition
polymorphonuclear leukocyte -leukocyte with a nucleus with several lobes
Layers of a blood vessel
3 layers of a blood vessel
interna, media, externa
Hollow part of a blood vessel
3 things that propel the blood back to the heart
intertia, muscles, and valves
Arteries that expand too much and stay that way
Aneurysm that can cause death if it bursts
aortic aneurysm
vessels constricting
vessels dialate
explain the level of gas exchange
Capillaries connect arterioles to venules, forming a bridge.
circular muscles open and close an opening
device for measuring blood pressure and pulse
Caused by dirty or improperly used needles
Collapsed veins
What happens in a collapsed vein?
Interior linings stick to each other.
Biproduct of hemolysis
When hemoglobin molecules disintigrate...
leftovers go into bile.
when bile gets into blood, bilirubin causes:
yellow color- jaundice
any kind of illness that causes a lack of red blood cells
Caused by not enough iron
iron-deficiency anemia
Lack of vitamin B12
Pernicious anemia
Drugs, toxins, radiation can produce this.
Aplastic anemia
Erythocytes deformed into crescent shapes and what it can cause
Sickle cell anemia. Can cause blockages in blood vessels.
Name the blood types
A, B, O, and AB
Type A has:
A antigens and Anti-B antibodies
Type B has:
B antigens and Anti-A antibodies
Type AB has:
A and B antigens and NO antibodies and is the universal recipient.
Type O has:
NO antigens and A and B antibodies and is the universal donor.
Things that attack stuff in your body that shouldn’t be there
Provoke or stimulate an immune reaction.
Rh factor comes from the name
What happens if an Rh+ man impregnantes an Rh- woman?
1st baby will be fine. 2nd baby is in danger because blood mixes.
The condition in which the child’s red blood cells are attacked in the womb.
Arethoblastosis fetalis
Explain the lymph
plasma that goes back into the lymph vessels.
What type of system is the lymph?
one-way system
What type of system is the circulatory system?
two-way system
Lymph vessels dump the lymp where?
Right atrium
What happens to the lymph then?
Nothing. It's just blood again.
Some lymph vessels coalesce and form one big duct, the biggest vessel in the body:
thoracic duct
The thoracic duct drains what:
The body below the diaphragm and the left half of the body above the diaphragm
The right half of the body above the diaphragm is drained by the vessel called the
Right lymphatic duct
Build up of body fluid within the tissues.
When you poke a person's skin and the indentation stays.
Pitting edema
Old term for pitting edema
masses of tissue enclosed in capsules
lymph nodes
what is one job of the lymph nodes?
filtration mechanism for the lymph
Lymph nodes contain what cells:
T Lymphocytes and B Lymphocytes
within the body tissues
An infection in the lymph can what?
Go back to the heart