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Nursing diagnosis related to presence of mucus and retained lung field?
ineffective airway clearance
Nursing diagnosis related to evaporative, radiant, conductive, and convective heat losses?
risk for altered body temperature
Nursing diagnosis related to ineffective thermoregulation?
altered peripheral tissue perfusion
Nursing diagnosis related to vitamin K injection or heel sticks for glucose or hematocrit.
acute pain
Nursing diagnosis related to periodic breathing?
risk for ineffective breathing pattern
Nursing diagnosis related to limited nutritional or fluid intake and increased caloric expenditure?
altered nutrition: less than body requirements
Nursing diagnosis related to meatal edema secondary to circumcision?
altered urinary elimination
Nursing diagnosis related to umbilical cord healing, circumcision site, immature immune system, or potential birth trauma (forceps or vacuum extraction delivery)?
Risk for infection
Nursing diagnosis related to lack of information about basic baby care, male circumcision, and breast- and/or formula-feeding
Health-Seeking Behaviors
Nursing diagnosis related to integration of newborn into family unit or demands of newborn care and feeding
altered family processes
Call hcp when infant temperature reaches?
101 F rectally
100.4 F axillary

97 F rectally
97.8F axillary

or if continual rise in temp

Call hcp when infant experiences more than one episode of forceful vomiting or frequent vomiting over a
_______ ______ period.
6 hour
Call hcp when infant refuses to eat _______ in a row.
Call hcp if infant lethargic or listless, with difficulty in awakening.
Call hcp if infant cyanotic with or without a ________.
Call hcp if there is absence of breathing longer than _____ seconds.
Call hcp if infant inconsolable or there is a continuous _____-_____ cry.
Call hcp if mother has discharge or __________ from umbilical cord, circumcision, or any opening.
Call hcp if there are two consecutive _______, ______ stools
green, watery
Call hcp if no wet diapers for _____ to _____ hours or fewer than _____ to _____
wet diapers per day after ____ days of age
18 to 24
6 to 8
Call hcp if there is drainage from the ______.
Define circumcision?
a surgical procedure in which the prepuce is separated from the glans penis and excised....permits exposure of glans for easy cleaning...Jews and look like father and to prevent later need for it...don't do if premature or compromised, has known bleeding problem, GI defect...use analgesia EMULA cream, dorsal penile nerve block, or subcutaneous ring block
Define prepuce in male genitalia?
epithelial layer covering the tip of the penis
Some risks for circumcision?
difficulty in voiding
separation of edges of
Nursing intervention for circumcised area using Plastibell?
apply petroleum jelly and gauze..
apply pressure to light bleeding, call doctor if it gets worse..
keep using petroleum jelly to protect granulating tissue...
report to hcp swelling, pus,cessation urination..
don't let diaper rub it and don't put it on too tight..
okay to give prescribed analgesics..
Bell should fall off in 8 days or call doctor..
continue with jelly