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Indiana paramedics receive?
Paramedics must posses what consistent with the expectations of the public and the profession?
Knowledge, Skills and Attitudes
Paramedic characteristics are?
Have excellent judgment, Be able to prioritize decisions, Be a confident leader, Be able to function independently.
You must always strive to (blank)your status as a health care professional?
Paramedic curriculum provides for much improved understanding of what?
Illness and injury processes.
An essential aspect of a health professional is?
Acceptance and adherence to a code of ehtics and etiquette.
What is expanded scope of practice?
Paramedics are now stepping into non-traditional roles such as:
Critical Care Transport
Primary Care
Industrial Medicine
Sports Medicine
Critical -Care Transports
Provide for the safe transfer of critically ill or injured patients between health care facilities
Primary Care
Many patients receive primary care outside the hospital at far less cost.
Can provide care at the scene without transport to the hospital with close contact with medical control.
The legal risk!
Industrial Medicine
Provide other important services in addition to emergancy care like vaccinations, safety inspections
The benefits of physical fitness are?
Decreased resting heart rate and blood pressure.
Increased oxygen-carring capacity.
Increased muscle mass and metabolim.
Increased resistance to illness and injury.
Enhanced quality of life.
Core componenets of physical fitness are?
Muscular strength
Cardiovascular endurance
Active exercise performed against stable resistance.
Active exercise during which muscles are worked through their range of motion.
Cardiovascular endurance is?
Is result of exercising at least three days a week vigorously enough to raise your pulse to its target heart rate.
Many in high-stress jobs abuse what substances?
Nicotine and caffeine
Most important infection-control practice is?
Cleaning is?
Washing an object with soap and water.
Disinfecting is?
Cleaning with disinfectant.
Sterilizing is?
Use of chemical or steam to kill all microorganisms on a object.
What should you do if you have an exposure?
Immediately wash the affected area.
Get a medical evaluation.
Notify the agency's infection control liaison.
Document the event.
5 stages of loss
A stressor is?
Stimulus that causes stress.
Your job in managing stress is to learn what?
Your personal stressors.
Amount of stress you can take before it becomes a problem.
Stress management strategies that work for you.
Why is shift work inherently stressful?
It disrupts your circadian rhythms and causes sleep deprivation.
Specific EMS stresses are?
Daily stress
Small incidents
Large incidents and disasters
Definition of EMS System?
A comprehensive network of personnel, equipment, and resources established to deliver aid and emegency medical care to the community.
First protocols established in?
First civilian ambulance service?
Cincinnati, Ohio
First army medics in what war?
World War II
Year National Highway Safety Act writen?
What did the National Highway Safety Act establish?
Department of Transportation(DOT)
What did the DOT provide for EMS?
Year EMT-ambulance program made public?
Year EMT-P curriculum started?
Medical director is?
Physician who is legally responsible for all clinical aspects of the EMS system.
What are the four T's of emergency care?
A coordinated, flexible communications plan should include what?
Citizen access
Single control center
Operation communication capabilities.
Medical communication capabilities
Communications hardware and software
4 Levels of cerification are?
First responder
Emergency medical technician-basic
Emergency medical technician- intermediate
Emergency medical technician-paramedic
A type I ambulance is?
Conentional cab and chassis with a ambulance box mounted on it, has no passageway between the driver's and patient's compartment
A type II ambulance is?
A standard van.
A type III ambulance is?
It is a van chassis with a ambulance box mounted on it with a passage way between driver and patient compartment.
Components of research program are?
Identify a problem.
Identify the body of knowledge on the subject.
Select the best design for the study.
Begin the study and collect raw data.
Analyze the data.
Assess and evaluate the results.
Write a concise, comprehensive description of the study for publication in a medical journal
How must the paramedic be prepared for the job demands?
What are the professional attributes?
Leadership, integrity, empathy, self-motivation, professional appearance and hygiene, communication skills, time management skills, diplomacy in teamwork, respect, patient advocacy, careful delivery of service
What ranking is injury and how many unintentional deaths are a result?
3rd leading
70,000 deaths
What is Epidemiology?
Study of the factors that influence the frequency, distribution, and cause of injury, disease, and other health-related events in a population.
What are the definitions of injury?
Intentional or iunintentional damage to a person resulting from acute exposure to thermal, mechanical, electrical, or chemical energy OR Intentional or unintentional damge to a person resulting from the absence of such essentials as heat and oxygen.
What are our legal duties and ethical responsibilities?
Promptly respond to the needs of every patient.
Treat all patients and their families with respect.
Maintain your skills and medical knowledge.
Participate in continuing education.
Critically review your performance, and constantly seek improvement.
Report honestly and with respect for patient confidentiality.
Work cooperatively and with respect for other emergency professionals.
What are the sources of law?
What is constitutional law?
Based on the U.S. Constitution
Common Law is?
Derived from society's acceptance of customs and norms
What is Legislative law?
Created by law-making bodies such as Congress and state assemblies.
Administrative law is?
Enacted by governmental agencies at either federal or state levels.
What are the categories of law and what do they mean?
Criminal-Division of the legal system that deals with wrongs committed against society or its memebers.
Civil-division of the legal system that deals with non-crminal issues and conflicts beween two or more parties
What is the components of a civil lawsuit?
incident, investigation, filing of complaint, answeing complant, discovery, trial, decision, appeal, settlement
What is Scope of Practice?
range of duties and skills paramedics are allowed and expected to perform
What is Certification?
The recognition granted to an individual who has met predetermined qualifications to participate in a certain activity
What is Licensure?
A process used to regulate occupations generally granted by a governmental body to engage in a profession or occupation
What requires manadatory reporting to authorities?
Spouse abuse, Child abuse and neglect, Elder abuse, Sexual assault, Gonshot and stab wounds, Animal bites, Communicable diseases
What is Negligence?
Deviation from accepted standards of care recognized by law for the protection of others against the unrasonable risk of harm.
The components of negligence care are?
Duty to act, Breach of duty, Actual damages, Proximate cause
What is a formal contractual or informal lgal obligation to provide care?
Duty to Act
What is an actrion or inaction that violates the standard of care expected from a paramedic
Breach of Duty
The breaches of duty are what and what do they mean?
Malfeasance-performance of a wrongful or unlawful act by a paramedic
Misfeasance-performance of a legal act in farmful or injurious manner
Nonfeasance-failure to perform arequired act or duty
What is compensable physical, psychological, or financial harm?
Actual Damages
What is an action or inaciton that immediately caused or worsened the damage called?
Proximate Cause
What consent is based on full disclosure of nature, risks and benefits of a procedure?
Informed consent
The granting of permission to treat a patient is?
The verbal, nonverbal or written communication by a patient who wishes to receive treatment is?
Expressed Consent
The consent for treatment that is presumed for a patient who is mentally, physically, or emotionally unable to give consent?
Implied Consent
Consent for treatment granted by a court order is?
Involuntary Consent
The termination of the paramedic-patient relationship without assurance that an equal or greater level of care will countinue is?
A act of unlawfully placing a person in apprehension of immediate bodily harm without his or her consent is?
the unlawful touching of another person without his or her consent is?
The intentional and unjustifiable detention of a person without his or her consent or other legal authority is?
False Imprisonment
The minimal amount of force necessary to ensure that an unruly or violent person doew not cause injury to himself, herself, or others is?
Reasonable force
A document created to ensure that certain treatment chices are honored when a patient is unconscious or otherwise unale to express his or her choice of treatment is?
Advance Directive
What specifies what kinds of medical treatment a person should recieve?
Living Will
What states which, if any, life -sustaining measures should be taken when the patient's heart and respiratory functions have ceased?
DNR Do Not Resuscitate Order
What are the social, religious, or personal standards of right and wrong?
What are the rules or standards that govern the conduct of members of a particular group or profession?
What is the single most important question a paramedic has to answer when faced with an ethical challenge?
The basic elements of communication are?
Sender, a message, a receiver, and feedback
The main reasons for failing to communicate are?
Prejudice, Lack of privacy, External distracitons, Internal distractions