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What is media planning? Why is it important?
Media Planning is the process of using the right media vehicles to place message and deliver to targets. Spreads message and maximizes audience.
What are the 2 key concepts guiding the process of media planning?
efficient and effective... might be macro micro
What is media planning process.
Marketing strategy first, then advertising strategy, last media strategy. OR
Situation Analysis, Marketing Strategy Plan, then Creative Pl.
Difference between circulation and total audience.
Circ is # copies printed

Total Aud is Circulation x # readers per copy.
Difference between coverage and composition.
Coverage - measure of potential audience that might receive a message through a vehicle.
Composition - portion of readers that fall in target category.
What is TV households?
House with TV or radio within signal of station. All potential viewers.
What is HUT?
Households Using TV, # or % of households with TV sets on. Measures net potential audience.
What is rating? How do you calculate it?
Estimate of people that have viewed a program or tuned in at a specific time.
What is "share of audience" and how to calculate?
Percent of HH tuned to program based on HUT.
What is average audience rating?
% of HH tuned into avg. minute of a program.
What is the relationship between share, rating, and HUT?
All inverse with theory's. All interrelated. Each equally effects one another.
What is reach?
Rating without overlapping areas in vehicles. One has 3/7 one has 2/7, one overlapping area... 4/7 = 57
What is frequency?
# of times an avg person or home is exposed to a media vehicle (or group of vehicles), within a given time period.
What are GRP's?
Gross Rating Points, sum of all rating points.
What are GI's?
Gross Impressions. raw numbers of people viewing media in total including duplications.
Difference between GRPs and Reach.
GRPs include overlapping parts of ratings. Reach does not.
Why is frequency distribution important?
show more detailed info about frequency. so you can judge
Effective Frequency
estimated number of repetitions needed to obtain goal.
Effective Reach
estimated number of people needed to obtain goal.
An index that is calculated by taking the percentage of a brand's total sales that occur in a given market as compared to the percentage of the total population in the market.
An index that is calculated by taking the percentage of a product category's total sales that occur in a given market areas as compared to the percentage of the total population in the market.
Product Life Cycle
four stages - introductory, growth, maturity and decline.
Three questions to ask for media strategy?
What segment, what target, what position (product in targets mind)
How to define target audience.
defined in terms of specific demographics (age, sex, income, etc.) product purchase behavior, product usage or media usage.
Ways of defining target consumers.
demographic, psychographic, geographic, product usage.
Three ways of allocating media budgets
By media types
By time periods
By geographic regions
Three media scheduling techniques