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What is the difference between first generation analogs and second generation analogs that are sulfureas?
Second generation analog form of oral hypoglycemic sulfulreas require lower therapeutic does and thus have less side effects
What type of diabetes are oral hypoglycemics such as sulfureas used to treat?
Sulfureas are used to treat type two diabetes melittis mono or combination therapy, not type one because they increase insulin secretion
What is significant about glymipiride?
It is a second generation oral hypoglycemic that is good bc of the low theraputic dose and long halflife
How do oral hypoglycemics used to treat type 2 diabetes mellitis work?
they stimulate insulin secretion by binding to the B-cell K channel, inhibiting it, leading to calcium influx
What are the characteristics of oral hypoglycemics?
rapidly absorbed, bound to plasma protiens, and hepatic metabolism
What are biguinides such as metformin good for?
pregnant and obese people
How do biguinides work?
they increase responciveness to insulin by decreasing hepatic glucose production and increasing glucose uptake
What is not a side effect of biguinides?
they modify the effects of insulin but do not increase insulin secretion like oral hypoglycemic agents so they cannot cause hypoglycemia
What are two alpha glucosiadase inhibitors?
arcarbose, miglitol
How do alpha glucosiadase inhibitors work?
they decrease polysaccaride hydrolysis, slowing glucose absorption, they have a moderate effect on post-parandial blood glucose.
What are two thiazolidinediones
rosiglitazone and pioglitazone
What is the mechanism of action of thiazolidinediones?
Increase sensitivity to insulin, no direct effect on secretion, glucose transporter synthesis
What is the type of diabetes drug that causes weight loss?