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Senescence is also known as
arrested growth of cells
Programmed cell death is called
When the regulatory processes of cells go awry, and cells grow and divide uncontrollably, consuming energy and losing structure and function
Cancer ultimately leads to an aberration in the expression of this type of genes
These types of genes are the products of which control normal cell life
When protooncogenes mutate, they become, leading to cancer
Oncogenes can either _________ or ____________ regulatory biochemicals resulting in preferential and accelerated cellular growth
overexpress or underexpress
This type of drug inhibits and combats the development of cancer
antineoplastic drugs
Newer anticancer drugs act directly against abnormal proteins in cancer cells, termed
targeted therapy
Two purines
adenine and guanine
Three pyrimidines
cytosine, thymine and uracil
In purine numbering (two rings), start with the ________ ring and the _______ molecular weight atom on the outside... then continue in which direction? Next, On the ______ ring, proceed to the closest ________ molecular weight atom
larger ring, highest molecular weight atom, clockwise manner, smaller ring, highest molecular weight atom
Where do you start numbering on pyrimidines?
the bottom of the ring at the nitrogen and continue counterclockwise to the C=O