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What past history needs to be obtained for the reproductive system?
Previous pregnancies
Drug use & contraception
Growth & development/milestones
What family history needs to be obtained for the reproductive system?
Autoimmune disease
Body habitus of family members
What current history needs to be obtained for the reproductive system?
Frequency of intercourse and libido
Breast development or galactorrhoea
What psychosocial issues are relevant to the reproductive system?
- Embarrasing to talk about reproductive and sexual concerns
- It is even more difficult to examine or be examined for any disorder of this system.
- it is important that you show respect for the patient's privacy
- undress and be examined behind screens/curtains
- use a chaperone as required
- you need to fully explain the reasons for everything you ask or do and your findings
What elements of the female reproductive/sexual history need to be asked about?
1. Menarche/menopause - age started/ended
2. Last menstrual period - first period of LNMP
3. Dysmenorrhoea - period pain?
4. Menorrhagia - heavy periods/clots?
5. Oligo/amenorrhoea - scanty/no periods?
6. Pelvic pain - when during cycle?
7. Discharge - mucous, itchy bloody, smelly
8. Pelvic inflammatory disease - infect womb/tubes
9. Urinary problems - dysuria, frequency, urge/stress incontinence
10. Contraception - compliance
11. Dyspareunia - painful intercourse
12. Pregnancies - number & outcome e.g G2P1
13. Homo/bisexual
14. IV drug use
15. Contact with STD - have your partners had an STD
16. Pap smears, breast examinations
What elements of the male reproductive/sexual history need to be asked about?
1. Discharge - any itch, mucous or blood?
2. Dysuria, haematuria - soreness or blood on passing urine
3. Frequency, nocturia - going often or at night
4. Urinary obstruction - poor stream
5. Testes pain/lumps
6. Impotence - can you get erection & sustain it?
7. Premature ejaculation - do you come too quickly?
8. Contact with STD - have partner(s)had STD?
9. Homo/bisexual
10. IV drug use