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abdominal aorta
main vessel supplying blood to abdominal organs
renal artery
brings blood from the abdominal aorta to the kidney
area of kidney where blood vessels and ureter enter
renal pyramid
triangular wedge in medulla
inner portion of kidney
outer portion of kidney
the functional unit of the kidney
interlobar artery
carries blood from the renal artery to the renal pyramid
arcuate artery
carries blood from the interlobar artery towards the nephron
afferent arteriole
carries blood from the arcuate artery to the capillary tufts of the nephron
capillary tuft in the nephron
efferent arteriole
blood leaves the glomerulus via this vessel
peritubular capillaries
these capillaries reabsorb water and solutes from the tubules
arcuate vein
peritubular capillaries join together to form this vein
interlobar vein
arcuate veins join to form this vein
renal vein
the main vein leaving the kidney
vena cava
the main vein returning blood to the heart
Bowman's capsule
surrounds the glomerulus
Bowman's capsule collects filtrate and passes it to this structure
proximal convoluted tubule
first section of tubule
descending limb
junction between proximal tubule and tubule loop
loop of Henle
middle loop in tubule
ascending limb
junction between loop and second convoluted tubule
distal convoluted tubule
second convoluted part of tubule
collecting duct
tubules join together in this structure
renal pelvis
collecting tubes join together here
carries urine from the kidney
the two ureters flow into this storage sac
urine leaves the bladder via this tube