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Words based on the personal names of people to describe a disease or body part?
EX: Hodgkin's disease & Lou Garretts disease.
Words created from abbreviations or the first letter of a group of words to form a medical term?
EX: CAT scan which is an abbrev for computed axial tomography scan.
Name the four types of word parts that medical terms are constructed from?
1. Word roots
2. Prefixes
3. Suffixes
4. Combining vowels
The part of the word that contains its primary meaning?
Word root
EX: ab/norm/al- away from normal state. Norm is the word root.
What is the word root for bi/later/al?
bilateral(two sides) later is the word root which means side.
What is the word root for hyper/tens/ion?
The word root is tens (to stretch)
What does WR arter/arteri mean?
What does WR arthr mean?
What does WR card/cardi mean?
What does WR gastr mean?
What does WR hepat mean?
What does WR later mean?
What does WR norm mean?
a common state
What does WR oste mean?
What does WR path mean?
What does WR tens mean?
to stretch
What does WR ven mean?
What is the prefix, wr, suffix & meaning for ab/norm/al?
ab: "away from"- (prefix)
norm: "a common state"-(WR)
al: "pertaining to"- (suffix)
away from a common state.
What is the prefix,wr,suffix & meaning of bi/later/al?
bi: "two"- (prefix)
Later: "side"- (wr)
al: "pertaining to"- (suffix)
pertaining to two sides.
What is the prefix,wr,suffix & meaning of hyper/tens/ion
hyper: "excessive"- (prefix)
tens: "to stretch"- (wr)
ion: "pertaining to"- (suff)
pertaining to hypertension.
What is the prefix,wr,suffix & meaning of arthr/o/logy?
arthr: "joint"- (prefix)
O: connects the word-
logy: "study of"-(suffix)
The study of joints.
What is the prefix,wr,suffix & meaning of hepat/itis
hepat: "liver"- (prefix)
itis: "inflammation(suffix)
Inflammation of the liver.