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A macule
is a discolored spot on the skin;freckle
A pustule
a small, elevated, circumscribed lesion of the skin that is filled with pus; varicella (chickenpox)
A wheal
is a localized, evanescent elevation of the skin that is often accompanied by itching; urticaria
An erosion or ulcer
is an eating or gnowing away of tissue; decubitus ulcer
A papule
is a solid, circumscribed, elevated area on the skin; pimple
A crust
is a dry, serous or seropurulent, brown, yellow, red, or green exudation that is seen in secondary lesions; eczema
A nodule
is a larger papule; acne vulgaris
A scale
is a thin, dry flake of cornified epithelial cells; psoriasis
A vesicle
is a small fluid filled sac; blister. A bulla is a large vesicle.
A fissure
is a crack-like sore or slit that extends through the epidermis into the dermis; athlete's foot