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an autoimmune dz, rapidly progressive paralysis, often ascending, areflexia, increased CSF protein
guillain barre
kaiser-fleisher ring is indicitive of what disease?
MC motor neuron disease in adults?
tingling at the base if thumb and pointer finger?
median nerve palsey
what cells make up the bbb?
progressive degenerative disorder of the cerebral cortex. cortical degeneration. most marked in the frontal lobes, mc cause of dementia
neurofibrillary tanges, beta-amyloid plaques, granulovascular degeneration is the triad for what debilitating disease?
MC of the motor neuron diseases causing muscular atrophy. chronic, progressive, rapidly fatal. motor neurons in the grey horns are destroyed. atrophy/weakness in UMN and LMN, impaired speech
progressive demyelination of the white matter of the brain and spinal cord leading to widespread neurological dysfunction. CNS affected only. gliosis occurs; optic neuritis, and parasthesia, diplopia, dysphagia.?
normal Hbg?
13-17 m
12-16 f
normal Hct?
normal PLT count?
normal WBC?
normal HbgA1c
5-7.5 %
normal Na?
135-145 mEq
normal K+?
3.5-5 mEq
normal Cl-?
95-105 mEq
normal BUN?
10-26 mg.dl
normal creatnine?
.6-1.3 mg/dl
normal glucose?
CXR displays mediastinal widening and perihilar adenopathy on a 55 y/o male with h/o persistant cough. h/o chronic lung infections. 30 pack per year smoker. most likely dx?
broncogenic CA
the mc cause of morbidity and mortality world wide?
MC organism responsible for infective endocarditits in IVDU?
staph aureus
DOC for tx of lyphogranuloma venerum?
an autoimmune disease in which the body's immune system mistakenly attacks its own moisture producing glands.
sjogrens syndrome
the acronym for CREST refers to a constellation of clinical features associated with an autoimmune disesase and stands for??
Raynaud's phenomenon
Esophageal dysfunction
CREST is an acronym of a cluster of symptoms for what auto immune dz?
subacute infective endocarditis is caused by what organism?
strep viridans
small erythematous or hemorrhagic macular lesions on the palms or soles of the feet, usually in p c endocarditis?
janeway lesions
what is the MC cause of bacterial meningitis?
URI that crosses the BBB
what is the MC vector-borne illness in the U.S.?
lyme dz
what is the tx of choice for neisseria meningitieds in a young child?
DOC for tx of lyme disease?
what is the MC pathogen in bacterial meningitis?
strep pneumo
what is the vax for bacterialmenintgitis?
H.flu type B
the MC cause of sepsis in the newborn period is due to what pathogen?
group B strep
a disease charaterized by muscle aches, pain and stiffness affecting usually the proximal muscle of the shoulder and hip girdle in elderly patients?
polymyalgia rheumatica
what organism invades humans do to cat bites?
pasteurella multicida
occurs in nearly all patients who receive a full course of radiation therapy for cancer of the lung or breast?
pulmonary radiation fibrosis
results in the formation of malignant mesotheliomas?
characteristically worse on the first day back to work?
occupational asthma
acute toxic noncardiogenic pulmonary edema caused by inhalation of nitrogen dioxiode?
silo-filler's disease
ingestion of inhaled dust by alveolar macrophages leads to the formation of macules that appear on CXR as diffuse small opacities most prominent in the UPPER lung?
coal worker's pneumoconiosis
what will you see on CXR of p c asbestosis?
irregular opacites most prominent in the bases
on CXR you see eggshell calcification of enlarged hilar lymph nodes. this is suggestive of?
chronic silicosis
what occupation carries the highest risk for develping silicosis?
quarry workers
what treatment does an immunocompromised p (HIV) with a tuberculin reaction of 5mm require?
chemoprophylaxis with INH to prevent infection from TB.
a young adult male, thin, presents to office with sudden onset of generalized angina, radiating to the left shoulder, +dyspnea and cough. PMH is smoker. p claims symptoms started after exercising. pulse 112. HR 28. decreased breath sounds, hyperresonance and decrease vocal fremitus on the left thorax. what is the most likely dx?
spontaneous pneumothorax
CXR shows air in the pleural space with visable retracted lung border. no pleural effusion. what should your next step be?
aspiration of the air w/ large bore needle or chest tube
what is the most effective test for the diagnosis of a pulmonary embolism?
VQ scan
what is the diagnostic test for pulmonary thromboembolism?
pulmonary angiography
an autosomal recessive disorder that manifests in childhood, causing normal lungs to deteriorate as a result of diffuse destruction due to very viscous secretions?
what is the MC fungal pathogen associated with cystic fibrosis?
aspergillus fumigatus
a sign seen on chest x-rays with interstitial pulmonary edema. They are thin linear pulmonary opacities caused by fluid or cellular infiltration into the interstitium of the lungs. They are suggestive for the diagnosis of congestive heart failure, but are also seen in various non-cardiac conditions such as pulmonary fibrosis, interstitial deposition of heavy metal particles or carcinomatosis of the lung. Chronic Kerley B lines may be caused by fibrosis or hemosiderin deposition caused by recurrent pulmonary oedema.
kerley b lines
progressive massive fibrosis
Cor pulmonale
pulmonary HTN
are all possible complications to what avoidable disease if you change jobs
occupational pneumoconiosis
which ethnic group is at the highest risk for sarcoidosis?
african american females
what test if elevated is indicitive of sarcoidosis?
1,25 dihydroxycholecalciferol
which is the form of vitamin D found in the body
list 4 examples of exudative pleural effusions?
malignant disorders
patients who have had "this surgery" are at the greatest risk for developing a thromboembolism?
hip replacement sx
what occupational lung disease has an increased incidence of TB?
jaundice, non-tender palpable bladder is indicitive of?
carcinoma of the pancreas
what cervical lymph nodes are involved MC with mono?
a palpable gallbladder on a patient with obstructive extrahepatic jaundice suggest the dx of?
periampular carcinoma
a 21 y/o female had her first pap smear that indicated a CIN II dysplasia. what is your recommendation to her?
repeat pap smear 1 3-6 months
what is the term for the pre malignant skin lesion?
actinic keratosis
35 y/o traveler. ate delicacies. now has fever, malaise, jaundice. your dx?
hep a
esophageal varices
caput medusa
are all adverse effects of what systemic disorder?
portal htn
in children, it is associated with liver disease; in teen and adult it is a progressive liver disease with pulmonary manifestations?
alpha antitrypsin def.
what is the main function of proto-oncogenes?
to stimulate cellular proliferation
p presents with recent h/o URI (sore throat, HA and mild cough) he was treated. today he returns cc worsening cough and increasing fatigue. CXR reveals bilateral hilar infiltrates. normal WBC. cold hemaglutin titer is elevated. most likely dx?
pneumococcal pneumonia
what are the clinical criteria for streptococcal pharyngitis?
tonsillar exudates
cervical lymphadonopathy
absence of cough
clubbing, with out cyanosis in a 30 y/o man with a history of dyspnea and a chronic cough that produces foul smelling, purulent sputum and hemoptysis that began several months after a pneumonia. the p most likely dx is?
what is treatment of choice for legionella?
what is the primary role of expectorants?
to thin secretions so they can be moved more easily
what organism is most likely the cause of a gree-yellow discharge seeping from turbinates, tender maxillary sinus post URI status?
pseudomonas aeruginosa
a p presents with:
dullness with percussion
decreased whispered pectoriloquy
there findings are indicitive of?
a consolidated pneumonia
+ cold agglutin test is indicitive of?
mycoplasma pneumonia
name the 4 centor criteria?
for strep:
no cough
cervical lymphadenopathy
rust colored sputum?
what is the MC cause of sinusitis?
me the 3 MC organisms that cause sinusitis:
strep pneumonia
mississippi river valley
on cxr in HIV + patient you see bilateral interstitial infiltrates. what dx does this support
An abnormal irreversible structural deformity of the med size and large bronchi , results in decreased mucus clearance, ciliary dysfunction and dilated bronchi is called
MC fungal pathogen isolated in bronchiectasis caused by cystic fibrosis?
what is the DOC for mycoplasma pneumonia?
what is the cause of pleurisy?
why is it contraindicated to give honey to babies?
radiographic sign for epiglottitis?
thumb print
easy bleeding in babies can be attributed to a deficiency in what vitamin?
One week old child. Constipated. Diet: mother’s milk. Visible abdominal distention. Abdominal films show markedly dilated loops of small bowel above,
Constricted loop below.
toxic megacolon = hirschprung's disease
TX FOR celiac disease?
gluten free diet
general term for a protein deficiency?
total malnutrition?
niacin def?
thiamine def?
what mineral is needed to prevent osteoporosis?
vit d and calcium
if urine osmolity is less than the plasma osmolity what disease process would you suspect?
diabetes insipidus
a patient presents withh polyurea, plydypsia, palptations, shortened QT's...what electrolyte imbalance would you expect to find?
hyper Ca+++
peaked T waves on the ekg is indicitive of which electrolyte imbalance?
hyper K++