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What hormone controls the release of FSH and LH from the anterior pituitary?
GnRH (released by hypothalamus)
What hormones are produced by the ovaries?
oestrogen and progesterone
What is FSH required for
Ovarian follicular development (GF)
What is the function of LH
Causes ovulation and development of CL
GF release what?
CL releases what?
What are the 2 phases of mentsrual cycle?
Follicular phase and leuteal phase
What happens to levels of progesterone andf oestogen during the follicular phase?
Oestrogen increases gradually and progesterone stays same
What marks the start of the luteal phase?
Rapid increase in LH
What are 2 types of oral contraceptives available?
- combined pill (oestrogen + progestin)
- progestin only pill
progestin only used for women with high bp (higher failure rate)
What is used instead of oestrogen in the combined pill?
its orally active unlike oestrogen
What is the MOA of EE in the combined pill?
Inhibits FSH (-ve feedback) so GF development is supressed
so ovulation doesnt occur
What is the MOA of progestin in combined pill?
Prevents secretion of LH
so ovulation cant occur
What are effects of the combined pill?
- Delayed maturation of the endometrium
- increased viscocsity of cervical mucous (retard sperm mobility)
What are the effects of the progestin only pill?
- Some inhibition of LH/FSH
- cervical mucous made inhospitable to sperm
- hinders endometrium implantation
Anti progestins used for what?
pregnancy termination
What enzyme converts androgens to oestrogens?
MOA of antioestrogens?
Antagonist of oestrogen at estrogen receptors in breast tissue (no transcription occurs as cofactors dont bind)
estrogens binding to ERs are main stimulant for development of breast cancer tumours
Other than antioestrogens what else can be used to prevent growth of breast cancer tumour?
Aromatase inhibitors
What happens to oestrogen levels during menopause and what is the effect of this on GF?
decreased level and GF doesnt develop
Hormone replacement theory in terms of menopause: describe
conjugated oestrogen given to patient (oestrogen with sulfate group) eg. premarine