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What is an adaptation?
A characteristic that enables a living thing to survive in its environment.
What does attract mean?
It means to PULL TOWARD (a magnet attracts iron and/or steel; the north end of a magnet attracts the south end of another magnet)
What is camouflage?
It is an adaptation in which an animal protects itself against predators by blending in with the environment.
What are centimeters?
They are a unit of length metric measurement; 1/100 of a meter; cm
What is a characteristic?
It is a special quality or appearnce that makes an individual or group different from others.
What is condensation?
It is the changing of a gas into a liquid.
What is a conductor?
It is a material that lets electric charges or other forms of energy flow through it.
What is a consumer?
It is any animal that eats plants (producers) or eats other animals.
What is erosion?
Erosion is the picking up and carrying away of pieces of rock.
What is a food web?
A food web is overlapping food chains in an ecosystem.
What is a fossil?
A fossil is any remains or imprint of living things from the past.
What is a lever?
A lever is a simple machine when a bar is used to pry or lift a object.
What is friction?
Friction is the force that resists motion between objects in contact with one another.
What is precipitation?
Precipitation is any form of wather that falls from the atmosphere and reaches the ground. (rain, snow, sleet,hail)
What is an orbit?
An orbit is the PATH of a planet traveling around a star.
What is a producer?
A producer is any plant that produce oxygen and food that animals need.
What is a predator?
A predator is an animal that hunts other animals for food.
What does repel mean?
Repel means to PUSH AWAY (the south end of a magnet repels the south end of another magnet)
What are sieves?
Sieves are instruments used to separate larger materials from smaller materials.
What is a star?
A star is a ball of hot burning gases that gives off heat and light energy.
What is a solution?
A solution is a mixture of substances that are blended so completely that the mixture looks the same everywhere.
What does rotate mean?
Rotate means to make a complete SPIN on an axis, causing one day on a planet.
What are roots?
Roots are usually underground and are parts of a plat that absorbs and stores water and minerals and holds the plant in place.